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Hurricane Group repairs all types of Windows/PC desktops, laptops and servers. Most computer repairs are done on site and in one call or resolved during the same business day.

Our services include supplying and installing replacement computer parts as needed.

Parts include RAM upgrades, Motherboards & CPUs, hard disk drives, power supplies, LCD displays, DVD-ROM & Blueray burners, keyboards & mice, video cards, and almost every other component that can fit into or bolt onto a computer.

Common parts like power supplies, RAM and hard disk drives are carried at all times to get your system back up and running quickly.


Regularly scheduled computer maintenance can prevent data loss and downtime. At Hurricane Group, we can provide complete maintenance solutions for your stand-alone pc, laptop, or networked computers and servers.
Timely installation of service updates for Windows and other applications corrects program errors and increases security.

Preventing a virus or spyware attack from bringing down your computers is far less expensive than recovering from one.