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We partner with our clients to address their most complex business challenges, through evaluation, current state assessment and planning key actions/initiatives. We are enabling IT led business transformation, business solutions delivery and program Implementation. Effectively helping our clients to leverage technology, creating sustainable business value and to aid business growth and scale.

Our extensive industry knowledge, practical execution & program management expertise enables us to work collaboratively with our clients to strategize, plan and develop.

    • IT strategy
    • Project Management
    • IT security management
    • Cloud business strategies
    • Emerging technologies (cloud, mobile, social)
    • Quality management and testing
    • Network strategy and management
    • Disaster recovery planning
    • Cost Optimization
    • IT governance
    • Enterprise architecture
    • IT risk management
    • Digital transformation
    • Managed service planning
    • Data center management
    • IT Capitol and Expense budgeting
    • Intern Senior level Management
    • Subscription and license review

Business Process – Workflow Automation, Analysis

Your business has invested a lot of time and resources into operating in such a way that makes the company successful identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems is what we do best.

Workflow Automation allows the business to automate processes by assigning and coordinating tasks between users, implement automated user forms, emails, integrate with web services, transform data, send text messages, connect to databases and so much more.

Make IT work for you, implementing IT solutions that can capture analytics to further drive your businesses growth. For example data collected by Wireless APs (Access Point) can be synced with the cloud or a local database and can report visitor traffic trends both internal Wi-Fi and external or public Wi-Fi showing you locational dwell time, online activity and new vs. repeat visitors. Access to this report on this data will allow you to customize the output to show data for a specific day, weekend, or even trends over a month.

    • Data analytics
    • Business continuity management
    • Creating and maintaining documentation
    • Preparing IT business cases
    • Workflow Design
    • Enterprise data management
    • IT service management (ITIL)
    • Conducting feasibility studies
    • Risk assessments
    • SharePoint Workflow implementation

Before any software or hardware-systems development and deployment, business should also be cognizant of any process Improvements, organizational changes or strategic planning that often are a prerequisite to these changes. Our experience with business process will help you with improving the planning and analysis of those processes enabling your business to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change.